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After Hours Clinic

151 Main Street East, Suite 123
Hawkesbury, ON K6A 1A3

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Your family physician must be part of the Hawkesbury Family Health Organization and of the Lower Outaouais Family Health Team.
  2. At 4 pm, numbers are handed out on a first-come, first-served basis to patients who arrive in the waiting room.
  3. Each patient must be present in the waiting room when his/her number is called, otherwise, he/she must take the next available number upon returning to the clinic.
  4. At 4:30 pm, the personnel registers, in numerical order, patients who must show their valid health card.
  5. Each patient must be present when his/her name is called; otherwise, their registration is moved to the bottom of the list.
  6. At 5 pm or when the doctor arrives, the patients are seen according to the order of registration.
  7. A copy of the visit record is sent to each patient’s family doctor and to the treating physician. When tests are prescribed during a visit to the clinic, the results are sent to the treating physician and the family doctor only. The clinic does not receive test results.
  8. There is no need to call the Hawkesbury Medical Centre to find out the name of the physician on call as that information is not provided.
  9. There is no registration after 7:30 pm, at which time the door is locked.

To ensure maximum efficiency, we respectfully ask that you follow these rules.


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